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Xcel Bronze-Diamond












 Xcel is a competitive gymnastics program that competes under the guidelines of USAG and offers an alternative route to USAG DP (Development Program) competitions. This program provides gymnasts the ability to work to their personal strengths, formulating routines that showcase elements the gymnast performs most proficiently. 

Our Xcel team program is designed to offer flexibility while providing a competitive experience. The program will give an opportunity for: 


  •  Athletes not previously involved with USA Gymnastics to enter a competitive program. 

  • Athletes who have competed in the USA Gymnastics DP program and have qualified up to Level 7 but need a more basic introduction to optional competition. 

  • Those athletes who have competed in the USA Gymnastics DP Program at the compulsory levels and who would like to experience a basic optional program. 



 For Xcel 1 (Bronze and Silver), the girls will compete routines that the coaches have choreographed all to the same music and with the same basic dance elements. However, the routines will still have tumbling, jumps, leaps, etc. chosen specific to each gymnast. 

Xcel 1 Practices:

Tuesday 5:00-7:00

Friday 5:00-6:30


 Xcel 2 (Gold) gymnasts have the option of using a pre-choreographed routine or paying to have their own choreographed. 

Xcel 2 Practices:

Tuesday 6:30-9:00

Thursday 6:30-9:00

Sunday 2:30-6:30


 Gymnasts at the Xcel 3 (Platinum) and Xcel 4 (Diamond) levels will work one on one with a coach to select their own music and have a routine choreographed exclusively for them. 

Xcel 3 Practices:

Tuesday 6:30-9:00

Thursday 6:30-8:00

Sunday 2:30-6:30

Xcel 4 Practices:

Tuesday 6:30-9:00

Wednesday 5:30-9:00

Thursday 6:30-9:00

Sunday 2:30-6:30

For more information on the Xcel program, please contact Schyler at

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