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Important School Policies
(Please Read Carefully)

The following rules have been designed for everyone at Patti Dunneís. Our aim is to keep our students happy and healthy while we motivate them to be confident, capable gymnasts. If our rules are adhered to, everyone will benefit from our program. We urge you to read each policy carefully. If you have any questions, please call our office.

Payment and Enrollment Policy

1. School Registration: A thirty five dollar registration fee must accompany all enrollments. The registration fee is applied to school liability costs.

2. Our program is divided into 3 semesters, Fall, Winter, Spring. Payments are due in full at the beginning of each semester. Monthly installment plans are available for our team and family plan students. Monthly installments are due in full by the second class.

3. Late Fees: A fifteen-dollar late fee is applied to all tuitions due after the second class of each month. Parents are responsible for timely tuition payments. The late fee will also apply to semester plan families.

4. Students are automatically transferred from one semester to the next unless written notification is received within 2 weeks prior to the close of the semester.

5. Once registered for class, parents are responsible for payment during the semester enrolled.


It is the policy of our school that parents provide and use their own medical insurance. Evidence of coverage and policy numbers is required on the enrollment form.

Make-Up Policy

1. Each student may take a maximum of 2 makeups each semester. They must be made up within the semester when classes were missed. Please use make-ups only when absolutely necessary. All snow days can be made up. There will be no credit or refunds for missed classes. Make-ups for any Preschool and Reach for the Stars Class Program can be taken in any comparable class during the week. Parent must call our office in advance to schedule make-up sessions to prevent overloading of classes.

Parent Observation

For the safety and concentration of our students, parents are not permitted inside the gym during class time. One way mirrors are located in the balcony for weekly viewing. Parents are invited into the gym for Gym-Fest, which is our annual celebration held each June.


Gymnasts should always wear proper attire. Clothing should not restrict movement. Jewelry, baggy clothing, snaps, zippers, hoods… are not permitted. Footwear is required. Cotton socks are best, no tights, please. Long hair must be neatly tied back. Leotard and tight shorts are recommended for girls. Boys should wear shorts, and a T-shirt tucked in.

Snow Days

We reserve the right to close the school in the event of inclement weather. Frequently, only the morning classes are cancelled, as the roads are often cleared by afternoon. Cancellations are made on WILI radio and Channel 3 on the T.V. If you are in doubt, please call the office (860) 228-1004.

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