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“A Healthy Body and a Healthy Mind”

Me and My Shadow

This program for Mom or Dad and their little one allows them to work together and discover the fun and benefits of Physical Fitness. It not only offers the benefits of physical development, but the fun of social interaction for both children and parents.

The instructor teaches the parents how to show their children they can achieve, an important lesson that the children will carry with them for life. We create a fun atmosphere for the toddler by setting up a large unrestricted play area complete with incline mats, log mats, mini rings, foam landing pit, parachute, balance beams, youth sports equipment, etc.

By visiting and experimenting at the play stations with Mom or Dad, the toddler unknowingly develops such physical components as strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, manipulative skills, listening and socialization skills, This program is offered to toddlers from the walking stages up to age 3.


Sometime around the age of 3, the child is ready to venture out without Mom or Dad. For this age we offer a 45 minute class where the child comes unescorted.

These are important moments for our little ones as they are now in a position to develop a sense of self-worth and confidence which they will carry with them for life.

For this reason, we have established a class situation in which the child repeatedly experiences success. Through creative structuring of various circuits throughout the gym, your child will be given countless opportunities to develop at his/her own rate. All this is achieved in a fun loving and positive atmosphere.


By age 4 and 5 children begin to develop better listening skills and more physical control over their bodies. With this in mind, we offer a one hour class. Your child will be exposed to gymnastics in a creative and positive manner that will foster a healthy self-image and boost their confidence.

Through extensive use of circuits, your child will be able to successfully complete tasks which will pave the road for future fundamental gymnastic skills. Manipulative skills, using balls, hoops, parachutes, ribbons and lummi sticks, will be utilized in making learning fun for the children while tapping on the unlimited supply of creative ideas within the children themselves.

Emphasis is placed on strengthening and conditioning these young children. The benefit of this type of training is something that will be carried on to other sports your child may care to pursue.

Best of Both Worlds!
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Gymnastics - A Great Foundation!
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